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Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. L. Lynch

My name is Laurie Lynch; I am the Visual Arts teacher here at Yazoo County High School.  I earned my BS degree in Education/Visual Arts through Mississippi College.  I have 29 1/2 years experience in education.  Fifteen of those years have been at Yazoo County High School.  

Art often threatens one who has not had art classes from an early age.  All of us have some degree of artistic ability.  At one time, we could not write our name and we had to train eyes and hands to create or form shapes.  I believe that everyone can draw to some degree.  My job---my passion is to teach basic concepts, procedures and techniques to strengthen your abilities.  My belief is that as we channel learning through both the creative side of the brain as well as the analytical side of the brain, we become better students not only in Visual Arts, but in all subjects.  We engage our abilities to reason, create and develop as we encourage a well-balanced approach to education.  I am thrilled to be entrusted with your child.  I look forward to seeing their horizons expand through art.

All assignments are on Canvas.  Whether you are in attendance or you are ill at home, all assignments are published on Canvas.  Please use your time wisely to complete work by deadlines.  If you are absent, please be sure to complete all assignments in a timely manner in order to receive your best possible grades.  If at all possible, please be present at school.  Your instruction time in the classroom is valuable. 

All grades are recorded in SAM/Active Student.  As parents or students, please check grades frequently.  You can readily see if you are lacking an assignment. 


The core supplies needed for all of my classes are :

wooden pencils (not mechanical pencils)


hand-held pencil sharpener


in addition: Visual Arts II and Studio need styrofoam plates


Schedule 1st Semester:     1st     Visual Arts I.                 

                                           2nd     Planning                                                               

                                           3rd     Visual Arts I                                                          

                                           4th     Studio (Visual Arts III) 


                 2nd Semester:   1st     Visual Arts I

                                            2nd    Visual Arts II

                                            3rd     Planning   

                                            4th      Visual Arts I                                      


Feel free to contact me through School Status if you have any questions.  I look forward to a wonderful year!