• Welcome to the 2023-2024 School Year!!!

    My name is Ms. Kangelia Alsworth, and I am honored to be your high school inclusion teacher for this academic year. I want to assure you that our team of educators and support staff at Yazoo County High School are dedicated to creating an inclusive and nurturing environment for every student.

    I am a proud alumna of Alcorn State University, where I received both a Bachelor's and a Master's in Education. This will mark my 18th year as an educator. I have a son, Kaleb, who is a sophomore in college. My daughter, Katelyn, will be attending Yazoo County High and is part of the varsity cheer squad. We are so excited about joining the YC family! 

    For those who might be unfamiliar with the concept of inclusion, it means that we value diversity and believe in providing every student with an equal opportunity to learn and grow. Our school embraces students of all abilities and backgrounds, and together, we will create a community that celebrates individual strengths and fosters academic, social, and emotional development.

    As an inclusion teacher, my role is to work closely with students, teachers, and parents to identify individual needs, implement personalized support plans, and ensure that every student receives the assistance they require to succeed. I will collaborate with the general education teachers to create differentiated learning experiences that cater to various learning styles and abilities.

    Parents, I want to emphasize that you are a vital part of our educational journey. Your involvement and open communication are key to your child's success. I encourage you to reach out to me or any member of the school staff if you have any questions, concerns, or if you feel your child may need additional support. Together, we will form a strong partnership to ensure your child's growth and happiness throughout their time at our school.

    And now, to the students, I want you to know that our school is a place of acceptance and understanding. We believe in your potential and are committed to helping you flourish both academically and personally. Don't hesitate to express your needs, ask questions, or seek help when you need it. We are here to support you and celebrate your achievements along the way.

    I look forward to getting to know each one of you better. Let's make this year a memorable and successful one!