Driving on school roads and parking on school property is a courtesy offered to students and others by the school board of the Yazoo County School District.

    The parking facilities, located at the various school site buildings, are not public parking areas and are to be used for school purposes only. School purposes include attendance at school activities or other school authorized events, which occur before or after the regular school day hours. Violators, of this policy, may be charged with trespassing and/or vehicles towed at the owner’s expense.

    The administration, obtaining suggestions from the Yazoo County School District Police Force, shall establish rules and regulations to ensure traffic safety. The district shall not assume any responsibility for damage to vehicles.

    Students shall be responsible, for locking their vehicles upon arrival at school since the school district shall assume no responsibility for any loss. Failure to abide, by ALL vehicle regulations, may result in the loss of the right to bring a vehicle to school or other disciplinary action.